My musical instruments:

MrMai "Le Petit Prince"

Top Solid 36" acoustic guitar. Review

Poputar T1: Smart Guitar

Acoustic Smart Guitar for learning. Review

MrMai "Le Petit Prince"

All Solid Tenor Ukulele with a hard case. Review

Uma UK-Sun-C1

Cute mahogany ukulele with a gentle sound. Review

Populele 2 Pro: Smart Ukulele

Carbon Fiber Smart Smart for learning. With acoustic pre-amp. Review, Sound Check

MrMai ML-T

Top solid tenor ukulele (acacia koa), unusual design. Soft case (gig bag) included. Review

Uma UK-16sc

Top solid concert ukulele (spruce). Very bright sound. Soft case (gig bag) included. Review

My useful gear:

Saramonic SR-MV7000

Multipattern XLR & USB professional condenser microphone. Review

Roadie 3

Automatic Instrument Tuner +metronome. Promo code: "GET10KAM_R3". Review

Soundbrenner Core

4-in-1 music tool (watch). Promo code for the purchase of Core/Core Steel with a 20% off discount: "KAMINARI20". EN, RU reviews

Soundbrenner Pulse

Vibrating metronome. Use 20% off discount: "KAMINARI20". Review

Other useful gear:

LensGo 518c

Smartphone wireless microphone for 2 people. Review

IMStick Classic

Magnetic Phone Holder.  10% off discount code: "KaminariGuitar10". Review

Kimafun KM-G102-5

Wireless Microphone System for 2 People. Review

G7th Performance 3: Capo

Adaptive radius technology, unique tension control, and easy to use. All G7th capos carry a Free Lifetime Warranty.

Andonstar ADSM201

300x microscope. EN, RU reviews