How to read guitar or ukulele tabs

Take a look at the picture below. As you can see is simple to read the guitar tabs. You should know that lines are guitar strings and numbers are the frets. It’s basics. So if you know the melody you can play it just know this info.

Special marks in the tabs from Kaminari

In this article, I will briefly describe the meaning of some symbols in my guitar tabs like crosses, circles, and others.

  1. Numbers in circles (ghost notes). These notes are desirable to play 2 times quieter than normal. This is all situational, but the point is that they are used for decoration. It means if you don’t play them at all, it will not affect the melody.

  2. ХХ marks on the 5-6 strings (slap). This is the standard notation for hitting the bass strings with your right thumb. It should get a slap (imitation of the snare).

  3. Up ↑ and down ↓ arrows. The default designation for the strumming. If the arrow is up, then you just need to hit the specified strings from top to bottom (I usually play it with the nails of the middle and ring fingers).

  4. ◯ marks above tabs (kick). This symbol means “kick”. On a guitar, this sound is extracted by striking the wrist of the right hand over the guitar body approximately at the sixth string in the area where the strings are attached. You can find a lot of tutorials on YouTube on how to play basic percussion on guitar.

  5. ХХ with the notes (sometimes with the arrow ↑). It is a “Nails attack”. Here we combine a downstroke with nails and slap. We beat from top to bottom to the string indicated in the tabs, and at the same time add a thumb strike to the bass strings (slap). At first, it is very difficult, therefore it is possible without adding a beat. The accent sound will still be heard.

Smart Guitar 🎸 Poputar T1 Review

Poputar T1 Smart Guitar Kepma Co-brand Limited Edition is designed for music beginners to learn basic guitar skills in an extremely fun way.

With 96 LEDs built inside the guitar fretboard, users can visually locate the chord position and never worry about forgetting where to put their fingers on the fretboard.

Along with an interactive App, PopuMusic App can provide a music rhythm game with real-time sound recognition, making music learning visually receptive.

Here is a review of my new smart guitar Poputar T1! Turn on English subtitles. You can purchase it here:

NEW SMART GUITAR 🎸 Review! Poputar T1

Soundbrenner Core ⌚ Review

This is a short review of the Soundbrenner Core smartwatch with a vibrating metronome and tuner for musicians.

[EN] ⌚ Smart Watch for Musicians Review. Soundbrenner Core

Let’s take a quick look at the functions that this watch has.

The vibration metronome allows you to adjust the vibration intensity and different light colors.

Magnetic tuner for guitar, bass, ukulele, etc.

The Decibel meter allows you to check the sound levels around you so you can take action and protect your ears.


It can display notifications from a smartphone, accept, and decline calls. Also, the Core has a timer and a stopwatch.

Additionally, there is splash resistance according to IP65 technology.

It can withstand light rain or light water splashes (no immersion).

The battery holds a charge for more than 4 days in watch mode or more than 3 hours of metronome playback.

The metronome comes in such a sturdy cardboard box.

There are three different straps – one rag for the wrist, the second one is longer (to be worn on the leg or on the body), and the third, is silicone.

The metronome is attached to the strap using two magnets, which allows you to remove the watch for use as a tuner without removing the strap.

The Core turns on when the top button is held down for one second. After activation, a clock appears on the screen. When you press the bottom key, the smartwatch menu pops up. It contains 6 points that change when the wheel rotates. There are metronome, tuner, decibel meter, timer, stopwatch, and settings.

In the settings, you can set the tempo you need, which can be changed by rotating the wheel. Also, here you can set any musical temp. Such as 3/4, 4/4, etc. Using the application, you can put a certain color and vibration strength for each of the metronome beats. There are 3 locations to save the settings for each beat.

To start and stop the metronome, just like in the previous version of Sounbrenner Pulse, you need to hit the screen twice with your fingers.

To turn off the smartwatch, you need to hold down the upper button for 3 seconds and then press the lower one.

To connect the metronome to the app, you need to turn on Bluetooth and geolocation. When entering the settings, you can set vibration strength and duration for each metronome count. Also, you can choose a color for each beat. Currently, there are more than 10 colors available.

If you have any questions about this smartwatch for musicians, feel free to ask me in the comments under the video. I will try to answer all of your questions.